Offroad Trailblazers and Envoys

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PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST The table below works by looking up your stock front spring part number or tag color on the top line first. This can be found by looking at your stock spring tag, or by looking for the associated RPO code in the glove box (see below for RPO > Spring […]

Flipping Upper Control Arms

After lifting the suspension of our trucks, the upper ball joint can be put at some harsh angles. Especially when the suspension is flexed from side-to-side. A lot of users, including myself, have flipped the upper control arms to compensate for the angle of the ball joint. In order to “flip” your UCAs, you need […]

Inner & Outer Tie Rod Replacement

Tie rods connect the rack and pinion to the steering knuckles.  They essentially transfer the lateral motion of the steering ram to the tires.  They go through a lot of abuse, especially off road.  Every bump, steering input, and braking motion put stress on the components. Tie rods are generally made up of two components.  […]

Suspension Lift Installation

This article is brought to you by BDS Suspensions. Front Installation 1.Park the vehicle and a clean, flat surface and block the rear wheels for safety. 2. Raise the front of the vehicle and support the frame with jack stands behind the lower control arms. 3. Remove the front wheels. 4. Disconnect the sway bar […]

Straight Tie Rod Ends

ORTB team member, Fishsticks, came up with a solution to his constantly failing tie rods.  He found that 07 Silverado 2500HD tie rods worked as almost drop-in replacements.  More information in the link: