Offroad Trailblazers and Envoys

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Hello everyone! We have been working hard on this new homepage for a while, doing our best to provide our guests with a much better user experience. It is still under a bit of construction, so if you notice any bugs or have any other suggestions, please let us know!

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Its that time again, we are looking for your photos to fill our offroadTB calendar for 2016. Submit your photos in the thread linked below:

We’re putting together ORTB’s 2015 calendar and we want YOUR picture. Please submit them in the forum by following the link below!

Radflo Group Buy!

Radflo has teamed up with Wheeler’s Offroad to offer us an incredible one-time group purchase of specially valved Trailblazer coilovers. With 10 buyers, we can get $200 off the list price, at $796 a set. Do not miss this incredible one-time group purchase that will take place in November of 2013. Details can be found […]

Welcome Rock Auto!

I’d like to welcome a new vendor to offroadTB, Rock Auto! I’m sure that most of us are very familiar with their services, so I can only hope that we can continue to support them, and they will do the same in return. You can find their forum section by following this link:

Server Upgrades Complete

Well, the dust has settled from our recent server upgrade, and we can finally relax for a bit. The upgrade was really an exciting new chapter for, because we basically grew too big for our old server! We were running into timeout issues, and very slow page loads. Now, things seem to be running […]

2013 Calendar – For Sale!

The new 2013 calendar is now up for sale in our cafepress store for $20.99 Follow this link to the offroadTB online store. You can find our calendar and browse our other products there. Decals!

Decals are for Sale! These are 11″ long, white lettering with red “TB”. They read “” in the cool ORTB font. Decals are $8 each (with a small donation built in to their price tag). The decals can be ordered directly from this post in the forum:

Finding Other ORTB Members in your Area

We’re adopting a new syntax to the “Location” field in your profiles in order to allow our users to sort the “member list” via location.  This should help members organize and easily see who their neighbors are.  If possible, please log into the forum and update your location profile entries with the following order: […]


We have opened the door to accepting donations for ORTB. See the forum post ( for more in-depth information about donating, how we will handle it, and how to do it.

New Vendor, and New Products!

We are happy to announce a new vendor: MASSIVE speed systems. They are now offering a fully adjustable rear suspension package.  At a great price too! The new links are 116% stronger than the stock lowers (which are prone to bending damage). More details can be found in their vendor section:

2012 Calendar

The 2012 ORTB Calendar is ready for sale! $20.99   Discussion can be found here:

Facebook Integration

In our continuing efforts to maximize the usefulness of our home page, we’re attempting dual posting between our landing page and facebook.  We’re crossing our fingers that this works! Find our facebook page at:  

Straight Tie Rod Ends

ORTB team member, Fishsticks, came up with a solution to his constantly failing tie rods.  He found that 07 Silverado 2500HD tie rods worked as almost drop-in replacements.  More information in the link:

2012 ORTB Calendar – Submissions

It’s that time of the year again, and we’re going to try to start early this year. will be putting out a 2012 calendar, and we need your pictures to fill it. Follow this link for more details:

New server and new theme…

Just switched servers, and we’re working on updating the theme to a better match with the forum. Hoping to continue service to the site with constant progress and upgrades! Still a lot of tweaks to go, but it’s getting there.

10,000th post

ORTB’s forum reached the 10,000 post mark, a significant milestone in the development of any forum. In the mean-time, we have been slowly updating the Articles section. If anyone has an article that could be helpful, please contact us at admin(at)

Front Axle Disconnect Article

We just added a new article concerning the front axle disconnect.  This is a hot topic now among Trailblazer owners.  So ORTB is glad to lead the way with a repair and rebuild article.

New content!

Just in time for the holidays, new content just for you: Tech Docs, Video’s and How To Guides. Of course, we can’t do this without you. Please visit the Forums to contribute and/or brainstorm. Happy Holidays – ORTB!