Well, the dust has settled from our recent server upgrade, and we can finally relax for a bit. The upgrade was really an exciting new chapter for offroadtb.com, because we basically grew too big for our old server! We were running into timeout issues, and very slow page loads. Now, things seem to be running smooth! The only issue is that the new server, while consistently much faster, is more expensive. So we will be rolling out some changes in the coming weeks to try to boost revenue to pay for the hosting costs. If we end up bringing in more than is required, we have some other projects just waiting in the wings for some funding. I remember back when we first set up this site – we thought that maybe we could get 100 members in a few years… Now we’re sitting at almost 1100 members! So I wanted to say thanks again for being a member here! Without our members and the knowledge base we all have built up over time, this site would be nothing!