Offroad Trailblazers and Envoys

Recovery Tools and Equipment

Tools and Equipment: A proper recovery kit will depend on which recoveries you will be performing. Passive Recovery: Jack Hi-Lift X-Jack Bottle jack Ladder Bridging Sand D-handle shovel Carpet strips Tire chains Lift-mate Larger jack base Dynamic Recovery: Another vehicle Proper anchor points on both vehicles Properly sized dynamic strap Static Hi-Lift Recovery: Hi-Lift Off […]

Static Vehicle Recovery (Winching)

Static Recovery: A static recovery derives the recovering force by steadily decreasing the length of the recovering system. Because this method is slower, it can provide much increased control and safety over a dynamic recovery. Anchor Points: Because of the recovery process here, the system needs an anchor. This can be a tree, a rock, […]

Dynamic Vehicle Recovery

Dynamic Recovery: A dynamic recovery derives its forces from the kinetic energy of a moving mass. Because of the method, it is important to ensure you are using an appropriate dynamic (stretchy) strap. Dynamic Recovery Straps: A dynamic recovery can be a simple method, provided that you have a second vehicle present. Dynamic recoveries derive […]

Passive Vehicle Recovery

Passive Recoveries: Passive recoveries are sometimes the simplest way to recover a vehicle, and often overlooked. People are quick to grab a strap and hook up to another vehicle without understanding that a few shovels of dirt could allow the vehicle to drive out safely under it’s own power. There are a few passive methods, […]

Assessing your Predicament

Assessing the situation As with any potentially hazardous situation, you always want to stop, take a breath, and slowly plan out your actions. The brutal truth is that most stuck situations are due to driver error – misreading the ground, or obstacle, or not understanding the vehicle limits. We all make mistakes here, often for […]

Vehicle Recovery

Understanding the basics: A lot of people make the mistake of just pulling out a winch line, wrapping it around a tree, and powering the winch in. No, no, no. That may get you unstuck, but it’s risky and can be dangerous. There are proper methods and proper steps that should be followed that can […]