Offroad Trailblazers and Envoys

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Various Vehicle Specs.

4.2L 5.3L Years Details

.: Torque Specs :.

Lug Nuts X X 02-09 105 lbs/ft
Brake Caliper Front Bolts X X 02-09
CV Axle Nut X X 02-09 103 lbs/ft
Wheel Hub and Bearing Mounting Bolts X X 02-09 77 lbs/ft
Outer Tie Rod X X 02-09 33 lbs/ft
Inner Tie Rod X X 02-09
Upper Control Arm Mounting Bolts X X 02-09 111 lbs/ft
Upper Ball Joint Pinch Bolt X X 02-09 30 lbs/ft
Lower Control Arm Front Bolts X X 02-09 192 lbs/ft
Lower Control Arm Rear Bolts X X 02-09 177 lbs/ft

.: Fluids :.

Engine Oil 7 qt 6 qt 02-09 5W/30 Fully Synthetic
Engine Coolant 10.8 qt 12.2 qt 02-09 50/50 mixture of clean, drinkable water and use only DEX-COOL® Coolant.
Transmission Fluid 5 qt 5 qt 02-09 DEXRON®-III Automatic Transmission Fluid
Transfer Case Oil 2 qt 2 qt 02-09 GM Autotrak II (blue stuff only!)
Front Differential 1.7 pt 1.7 pt 02-09 SAE 75W/90 Fully Synthetic
Rear Differential 3.6 pt 4.3 pt 02-09 SAE 75W/90 Fully Synthetic

.: RPO Codes/Options :.

Axle Gearing X X 02-09 GU6 = 3.42 GT4 = 3.73 GT5 = 4.10
Rear Locker X X 02-09 G80, means you have the OEM locker
150 Amp Alternator X X 02-09 KG4, means you have this stock

Time for 2016 Calendar Submissions!

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Requesting Calendar Photo Submissions!

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Radflo Group Buy!

Radflo has teamed up with Wheeler’s Offroad to offer us an incredible one-time group purchase of specially valved Trailblazer coilovers. With 10 buyers, we can get $200 off the list price, at $796 a set. Do not miss this incredible one-time group purchase that will take place in November of 2013. Details can be found here:

Welcome Rock Auto!

I’d like to welcome a new vendor to offroadTB, Rock Auto! I’m sure that most of us are very familiar with their services, so I can only hope that we can continue to support them, and they will do the same in return. You can find their forum section by following this link: