Offroad Trailblazers and Envoys

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New Vendor, and New Products!

We are happy to announce a new vendor: MASSIVE speed systems. They are now offering a fully adjustable rear suspension package.  At a great price too! The new links are 116% stronger than the stock lowers (which are prone to bending damage). More details can be found in their vendor section:

2012 Calendar

The 2012 ORTB Calendar is ready for sale! $20.99   Discussion can be found here:

Day trip to High Point and Santa Rosa

Check out the trip that Michael recently took to High Point and Santa Rosa in California. Some great pictures of the scenery!

Facebook Integration

In our continuing efforts to maximize the usefulness of our home page, we’re attempting dual posting between our landing page and facebook.  We’re crossing our fingers that this works! Find our facebook page at:  

Solid Axle Swap on a TrailBlazer

Two of our members have been crazy enough to hack off their entire suspension, and create an entirely new system based around a new solid front axle.  We wanted to highlight these creations today:   ChevyCrew   DirtyAnton